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Results list 1
Beijing Ring 4 Highway North Section (AC)
Beijing Chang’an Street West Section (PMA)
Beijing Capital Airport West Runway (AC)
Jinghu Expressway Hebei Section (AC, PMA)
Hebei 102 Expressway (AC, PMA)
Hebei 307 Expressway (PMA)
Hebei Shijiazhuang~Huanghua Expressway (AC, PMA)
Beijing~Shenyang Expressway Hebei Section ( AC, PMA)
Beijing~Zhangjiakou Expressway (AC, PMA)
Jingzhu Expressway Hebei Shijiazhuang~Henan Anyang Section (AC)
Henan Province Zhengzhou~Xuchang Expressway (AC)
Hubei Province Huang~Huang Expressway (PMA)
Hubei Sanhua Fly-over (PMA)
Jinghu Expressway Jiangsu Section Jiangdu~Huaiyin Section (AC, PMA)
G104 National Highway Changzhou Section (AC)
G312 National Highway Jiangsu Ninghe Section (AC)
S321 Jiangsu Provincial Highway Changyuan Section (AC)
S101 Jiangsu Provincial Riverside Highway Changzhou Section (AC)
S211 Jiangsu Provincial Highway Changzhou Section (AC)
S231 Jiangsu Provincial Highway Xinzhou Section (AC)
S305 Jiangsu Provincial Highway Suining Section (AC)
S305 Jiangsu Provincial Highway Siyang Section (AC)
S105 Jiangsu Provincial Highway Sihong Section (AC)
Jiangsu Province Grade 1 Road Nanjing~Nantong Section (AC)
Jingzhu Expressway Henan Province Luohe~Zhumadian Section (AC)
Henan Province Luohe~Zhoukou Expressway (AC)
Xuanda Expressway (PMA)
Jingqin Expressway Langfang Section (PMA)
Jingqin Expressway Qinhuangdao Section (PMA)
Shihuang Expressway (PMA)
Jinbao Expressway (PMA)
Ningjingyan Expressway 1st Phase (AE)
Huning Expressway Maintenance Project (AE)
Jinghu Expressway Yangzhou Section Maintenance Project (AE)
Shanghai Municipal Project (AE)
Xicheng Expressway Xizhang (Jiangyin~Zhangjiagang) Joint Section (AE)
Changzhou Airport Highway, Changzhou City Changli Section (AE)
Zhenjiang Yinzi Highway (AE)
S101 Provincial Highway Reconstruction Project (AE)
Nanjing City Ninghang Highway Reconstruction Project (AE)
Zhenjiang Riverside Avenue (AE)
Huaiyin City Jinma Section (AE)
Guangzhou City Inner Ring Highway and Radiation Section (AC. PMA)
Guangzhou City South Section of Guangzhou Street and Zhongshan Road (PMA)
Guangzhou Municipal Road Maintenance Project (AC, PMA)
Shenzhen City East Ring Highway (PMA)
Shenzhen Municipal Road Maintenance Project (AC, PMA)
Shenzhen City Jihe Expressway (AC)
Jingzhu Expressway East Section (AC)
Guangfo Expressway (AC)
Guangzhou New Airport Highway (AC)
Guangzhou City North Section of Ring 2 Highway (AC)
Anhui Province Traffic Bureau Construction Project (AC)
Xi’an City South Section of Ring Highway (AC)
Jingzhu Expressway Hubei Sectiony (AC)
Shandong Province Binzhou~Boshan Expressway (AC)
Shandong Province Laiwu~Xintai Expressway (AC)
Jingzhu Expressway Hunan Section Linchang Section (AC)
Guangdong Province Kaiping~Yangjiang Expressway (AC)
Guangxi Nanning 2nd Airport Expressway (AC)
Guangxi National No.321 Road Yanggui Section(AC, PMA)
Guangxi Maihe Expressway (AC)
Guangxi Longjing Expressway (AC, PMA)
Hainan Qiongle Expressway (50#, PMA)
Guangxi Wuliu Expressway (AC, PMA)
Guangxi Guilong Exressway (AC)
Guangxi the Southern Qinfang Road Project (AC)
Guangxi Heba Expressway Zhongzhao Section (AC, PMA)
Hainan Wenqiong Expressway (50#, PMA)
Hainan Wanyang Expressway (50#, PMA)