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Results list 2
Chongqing City Wanzhou~Liangping Expressway (AC)
Shanxi Province Changzhi~Handan Expressway (PMA, AC)
Shanxi Province Taiyuan~Qixian Expressway (PMA)
Shanxi Province Qilin Expressway (AC)
Shanxi Province Xinyuan Expressway (AC)
Guangzhu Expressway West Section 1st Phase (AC)
Yantai~Penglai Ring Ocean Expressway (AC)
Guangxi Province Nanyou, Bailuo Expressway (AC)
Huning Expressway Jiangsu Section Expansion Project (AC)
Zhejiang Province Hangzhou~Qiandaohu Expressway (AC, AE)
Zhejiang Province Hangzhou Ring City Expressway East Section Project (AC, PMA, AE)
G312 Zhenjiang Section Expansion Project (AC)
Zhaoqing City Duanzhou Road 3, 4, 5 (PMA)
Zhaoqing Bridge Road Surface Reconstruction Project (PMA)
Dongguan City Guanhui Highway Reconstruction Project (AC, PMA)
S257 Highway Datong Lukou~Huangge Daoban Section Reconstruction Project (AC)
Dongguan City Chang’an Expressway Entrance Road Reconstruction Project (AC, PMA)
National Highway 325 Kaiping Tangkou Section Reconstruction Project (AC)
Hebei Province Qingyin Expressway (PMA)
Hebei Province Jingshi Expressway Hebei Section (AC, PMA)
Shenzhen City Municipal Road Reconstruction Project (PMA)
Jiangmen City Municipal Road Reconstruction Project (PMA)
Guangxi Province Beihai City Beihai Avenue (PMA)
Jiangmen City West Ring Highway Reconstruction (PMA)
Guangzhou City Academic City Road Reconstruction (PMA)
Zhaoqing City Duanzhou Road 1~7 Reconstruction (PMA)
Zhaoqing City Sihui Pass Road Reconstruction (PMA)
Zhaoqing City Zhaoqing Bridge South Joint Line Reconstruction (PMA)
Shenzhen City Municipal Road Reconstruction Project (PMA)
Guangzhou City Shatai Section Road Surface Reconstruction (PMA)
Dongguan City Hengli Town Ring Town Road Reconstruction (PMA)
Dongguan City Changhu Expressway (PMA)
Kaiping City G325 National Highway Reconstruction (PMA)
Jiangsu Lianyan Expressway (AC)
Hainan Province County and Country Road Reconstruction Project (AC)
Beijing City Ring 4 Highway North Section (AC)
Shandong Province Key Road Projects in Year 2006 (AC)
Guangxi Province Liuzhou City National Highway Luorong~Luoman Section Expressway (AC)
Anhui Province Maba~Liuhe Expressway Anhui Section (AE)
Anhui Province Riverside Expressway Maozhuyuan~Dadukou Section (PMA, AE)
Anhui Province Riverside Expressway Zhanghan~Zhucun Section (PMA, AE)
National Highway Guangzhou Ring City Expressway Xiaotang~Maoshan Section (AC, PMA)
Jingzhang Expressway Maintenance Project (AC, PMA)
Jiangsu Province Ninghuai Expressway (AC)
Shanghai A11 Reconstruction Project (AC, PMA)
Guangdong Province Guanshen Expressway Reconstruction Project (AC, PMA)
Foshan City Ring 1 Expressway (PMA)
Shenzhen City Nanping Expressway (PMA)
Jiangsu Province Zhensu Expressway (AC)
Shenzhen City Nanguang Expressway (PMA)
Jingshi Expressway Road Surface Reconstruction Project (PMA)
Anhui Province Anjing Expressway (AC)
Anhui Province Tangtun Expressway (AC)
Shanghai City Hangpu Expressway (AC)
North of Daguang Expressway Inside of Hubei Province Macheng~Xishui Section (AC)
Zhenjiang Municipal Road Maintenance Project (AC)
Zhejiang Province Zhuyong Expressway (AC)
Jiangxi Province Ruijin~Ganzhou Expressway (AC)
Jiangxi Province Nanchang Hongdu Bridge Project (AC)
Jiangxi Province Shiji Expressway (AC)
Jiangsu Province Zhenda Road (AC)
Shanghai A8 Road Reconstruction Project (AC)
Anhui Province Fubang Expressway Reconstruction & Wuxuan Expressway Reconstruction Project (AC)
Hebei Province Baojin Expressway Maintenance Project (PMA)
Guangdong Province Huiguan Expressway (AC)
Guangdong Province Erguang Expressway Huaiji~Sanshui Section (PMA)
Anhui Province Fuzhou Expressway (PMA)
Guangdong Province Changhu Expressway (AC, PMA)
Guidu Expressway (AC, PMA)
Guangxi Province Liuzhou~Nanning Expressway (AC,PMA)
Jiangxi Dexing~Nanchang Expressway (AC)
Sichuan Province Mianyang~Suining Expressway (AC)
Guanghe Expressway Guangzhou Section (AC, PMA)
Fujian Province Yongning Expressway (AC)
Guangxi Province Liuhe Expressway (AC)
Sichuan Province Yaodu~Guangyuan Expressway (AC, PMA)
Fujian Province Longyan Shuangyong Expressway (AC)
Sichuan Province Neisui Expressway (AC)
Sichuan Province Chengren Expressway (PMA)
Hubei Province Zuo’er Expessway (AC)
Sichuan Province Nancheng Expressway (AC)
Jiangxi Fuzhou~Ji’an Expressway (AC)
Guangxi Qizhou~Chongzuo Expressway (AC)
Guangxi Province Jingxi~Napo Expressway (AC,PMA)
Shaanxi Province Xianyang~Xunyi Expressway (AC)
Guangxi Province Fangcheng~Dongxing Expressway (PMA)
Guangxi Province Guiping~Laibin Expressway (AC, PMA)
Guangdong province Guangming Expressway (AC)
Guangxi Province Wugui Expressway (PMA)
Guangxi Guanyang~Quanzhou Expressway (AC, PMA)
Jiangxi Province Pinghong Expressway (AC)
Jiangxi Province Ganyue Expressway (PMA)
Guangxi Province Laigui Expressway (PMA)
Guangxi Province Liuwu Expressway (AC,PMA)
Guangxi Province Coastal Expressway Nanjian~Beihai Section (AC, PMA)
Shaanxi Province Baohan Expressway Hanzhong~Shaanchuan Border Project (AC, PMA)
Guizhou Province Liupanshui Airport Expressway (AC, PMA)
Yunnan Province Important Expressway Project (AC)
Guangdong Lianping Conghua Expressway (AC, PMA)
Jiangxi Province Important Expressway Project (AC)