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Company Profile
Tipco Asphalt Public Company Limited (“Tipco Asphalt”) manufactures and distributes asphalt products servicing road construction, maintenance and paving industries, essential for transportation within the country. Since the company was established, the highest priority has been to provide the best services to our customers. We continuously update our equipment by using the latest state-of-the-art technology in the road construction industry to supply high quality products and services in compliance with international standards. We believe in veracity and will strive with this integrity to remain in the forefront of the asphalt industry in Asia. The Company has manufacturing facilities and asphalt terminals located in the center of every region of the country with close proximity to our customers. With these four domestic manufacturing facilities strategically covering all regions, the Company can promptly deliver asphalt products to domestic customers in Thailand, as well as, to neighboring countries via its own fleet of 300 trucks. This unique logistic capability is core to Tipco Asphalt’s dominance of the domestic market. Building on this capability, the Company also owns and operates seven oceangoing asphalt vessels which significantly expand our presence in the export market. These vessels also import asphalt into Thailand. 
Tipco Asphalt operates a refinery in Kemaman, Malaysia through its subsidiary, Kemaman Bitumen Company Sdn. Bhd. The refinery, located on 26 hectares of land in the Telok Kalong Industrial Estate, has a nameplate refining capacity of 25,000 barrels of heavy crude oil per day or the equivalent of 9 million barrels or 1.4 million tons of crude oil per year. This translates to production of about one million tons of asphalt cement per year.