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Core Values
T-Teamwork TIPCO People share a common purpose and identity. We work without borders as one family, share each others’ challenges, and support each others’ success.

I-Integrity TIPCO is a partner that all of our stakeholders can trust to act with openness and integrity. We pride ourselves on our concern for long-term sustainability and our performance as a force for good in our communities and our business networks.

P-Prudence TIPCO People utilize their strategic awareness and insight to minimize our exposure and maximize our opportunities. Our people consider the consequences of their actions and help our business run more efficiently and effectively.

C-Commitment TIPCO People demonstrate their passion, commitment, and relentless energy and enthusiasm in achieving and surpassing goals to delight all of our customers.

O-Open-mind TIPCO People are never satisfied with the status quo. We are always looking for better ways to work as individuals, teams, and an organization. We welcome feedback, opinions, and challenges in our environment for the opportunities they bring for us all to grow personally and professionally.