More+Development History

  • 1979 : Supsakorn family established Tipco Emulsion Company Limited 

    1981 : First Tipco Emulsion plant was launched in Ladkrabang Industrial Estate.

    1990 : The Company name was changed to “Tipco Asphalt Company Limited”

    1991 : Tipco Asphalt was listed on Stock Exchange of Thailand under symbol “TASCO”

    1993 : Partnership with Colas S.A. in Raycol Asphalt

    1995 : First Tipco Asphalt terminal was set up in Prapradaeng, Tipco Asphalt was the first asphalt emulsion manufacturer in Thailand to receive, ISO 9002 certification, Tipco Maritime Co., Ltd. was established as asphalt vessel management company

    1998 : Lang Fang Tongtai Road Material Co., Ltd. was the Company’s first investment in China

    1999 : Cambodia Asphalt Co., Ltd. started its operations. It is now known as Tipco Asphalt (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 

    2000 : Colas S.A. became Tipco Asphalt’s strategic and major shareholder

    2007 : Tipco Asphalt introduced the first colored asphalt in Thailand

    2008 : Kemaman Bitumen Company Sdn. Bhd. (Tipco Asphalt Refinery) started commercial production
    2010 : Tipco Asphalt celebrated highest sales record surpassing 1 million tons.

    2013 : Tipco is registered as delivered brand of bitumen futures in Shanghai Futures Exchange 

    2014 : Historical high sales volume surpassing 2 million tons.

    2016 : Tipco Xinhui Depot became the delivery depot of bitumen futures in Shanghai Futures Exchange

    2019 : Tipco Asphalt celebrated its 40th anniversary


Tipco Group was established in 1965 by the late Chairman, Mr. Prasit Supsakorn. The first company of the group was Thanomwongse Services Co., Ltd. an authorized distributor of petroleum products of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand. With the strong determination of the late Chairman to provide the best quality products and services to our customers, Tipco Group has grown rapidly over the years. Today, there are more than 30 companies in the group with the total revenue of more than Baht 40 billion in 2012. Tipco Group is still growing while maintaining the highest Corporate Social Responsibility standards at all times.